An analysis of the way of the world as a comedy of manners in five acts by william congreve

Fainall and the guardian of Millamant. This was due to their increased sophistication, but inevitably they imposed their values on the playwrights as well. Foible Lady Wishfort's maid, married to Waitwell. Realizing that Lady Wishfort will respond to anything that even resembles a man, he promptly invents an imaginary uncle, Sir Rowland, who, he says, has fallen madly in love with Lady Wishfort and wants to marry her.

A Society for the Reformation of Manners was organized; laws were passed to suppress licentiousness.

The Way of the World

They represent the ideal of the Restoration attitude, intense yet balanced, their love based on mutual esteem with no surrender of individuality. Because the theaters were closed between andthere was at one time a tendency to treat the Restoration drama as if it had no connections with the main stream of English drama.

The niece of the rich Lady Wishfort, she is also an heir in her own right and is looked upon with great favor by Witwoud, a kinsman of Lady Wishfort. Sir Wilfull Witwoud The elder brother of Young Witwoud, he is forty years old and is planning the grand tour of Europe that was usually made by young men to complete their education.

However, they do not really like each other. Is the affair between Mirabell and Mrs. ByCharles II had died, his brother James had reigned for five years and had been deposed in the "glorious revolution," or "bloodless revolution," ofand William and Mary had reigned for twelve years.

If it is at an end, why has it ceased? Millamant A young, very charming lady, in love with, and loved by, Mirabell. Fainall and Foible discuss this plan; Mrs. Marwood, and the servants. Fainall, a widow, for her property. Attempts to explain — if such a thing is possible — Restoration drama must consider other threads of influence as well.

Fainall ended although this is not explicitly statedand Mirabell found himself in love with Millamant, the niece and ward of Lady Wish-fort, and the cousin of his former mistress.

The Way of the World Summary

Discovering his subterfuge later, she never forgave him. His work is still taught and studied in drama courses in the English-speaking world.

His name is indicative of his character.

The Country-Wife

On one occasion, to further his suit with Millamant, Mirabell falsely made love to the old lady. Marwood, presumably passionate, but wholly without mutual trust; the spurious court young Witwoud pays to Millamant; the direct and somewhat coarse approach of Sir Wilfull; and, at the opposite extreme completely, the aging and undignified longings of Lady Wishfort, vain, unrealistic, over-eager, desperate, and a little pathetic.

Fainall that he is marrying Millamant for money?

The Way of the World Summary

In the meantime, although Millamant quite clearly intends to have Mirabell, she enjoys teasing him in his state of uncertainty. Fainall off to Fainal, being afraid of her being pregnant. When his demands prove reasonable, both lovers realize that they see life through much the same eyes.

The Way of the World

Such comedies are associated with Beaumont and Fletcher, among others. Although the English audiences, unlike the French, were accustomed to plots and subplots and to a great deal of action in their plays, they were confused by the amount of activity crammed into a single day.

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Mirabell and Millamant, both strong-willed and determined, discuss the terms of their marriage and what they expect, showing the depth of their love for each other.The Way of the World had only a single action to which everything was related, but it included a scheme, and a counterplot to frustrate the scheme, and then moves to foil the counterplot.

There were too many episodes, events, reversals, and discoveries, most of them huddled in the last acts, and they demanded too much of the audience. The Way of the World study guide contains a biography of William Congreve, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

About The Way of the World The Way of the World Summary. The comedy of Manners emerged during the age of Dryden, the age of Restoration.

Therefore it is also called Restoration Comedy. “The Restoration comedy of manners reached its fullest expression in The Way of the World () by William Congreve, which is dominated by a brilliantly witty couple.” This sort of comedy is called comedy of.

Considered a great influence on the comedy of manners genre, he wrote five plays in his life: The Old Bachelor, The Double Dealer, Love for Love, and The Way of the World, all comedies, as well as the tragedy The Mourning Bride.

All deal with similar themes of secrets, marriages, and inheritances. The Way of the World: The Way of the World, comedy of manners in five acts by William Congreve, performed and published in The play, which is considered Congreve’s masterpiece, ridicules the assumptions that governed the society of his time, especially those concerning love and marriage.

The plot concerns the. Mar 21,  · The Way of the World By William Congreve. A Society for the Reformation of Manners was organized; laws were passed to suppress licentiousness. At the same time, the audience changed. Although there seems to be the usual happy ending to this comedy, The Way of the World.

An analysis of the way of the world as a comedy of manners in five acts by william congreve
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