Computerized barangay information system case study

They consider this as a great dependable procedure to tilt on. There were commonalties among the barangays in following a basic execution procedure from orientation meeting in the barangay to informations storage and updating.

For the Citizen- the system will function as a primary beginning of paperss for the people to salvage clip and attempt and to avoid a long waiting line. But up to now, those computers had not been used to their fullest capabilities. Where the individual or citizen will be ask by the secretary or the user who is a legal officer of the barangay to cognize if he or she has a bad record.

Clearance, Permit, Endorsement, and Certification This diagram shows how such documents are processed done. The research workers constructed the study signifier holding ten 10 inquiries for them to reply. Whereas the admin has the full entree to the system while the terminal user is capable of sing and seeking records merely.

Barangay are further subdivided into smaller areas called Puroks English: A barangay is led and governed by its barangay functionaries. It will be easy for any agencies, individual or group to easy request some information because of the information that barangay have about them.

Profiling Where they can get all data they are needed in generating reports that they need to submit.

Barangay Center Management Information System Essay Sample

Maintenance — During the care phase. E-Blotter System The e-blotter system facilitates fast. The proposed barangay information system will be good because it will assist the people to get the information their needed.

Barangay Hall Information System Essay

System Analysis — During the analysis phase the undertaking squad determines the end-user demands. There are several grounds that are coercing them to be stuck with to this traditional system.

It offers transverse platform compatibility that is more manageable. The e-blotter is designed as a stand-alone system which will be installed in all constabulary Stationss as a agency of describing and supervising all offense incidents that transpired within their several countries every bit good as the consequences and records of the probe.

Each respondent came from the disposal. The population or the respondents in this survey were chosen precisely. Anyone can have his clearance signed or business permit released even if the authorized person to approve it, for example the Barangay Captain, is not present.

This undertaking was implemented in nine barangays of Munoz.Barangay Dispute System (BDS) – The BDS handles the disputes or cases filed in the barangay and maintains information such as case number, date of filing, personal details of complainant and respondent, case type (i.e. civil, criminal or administrative), nature of case/dispute, action taken by the lupon (i.e.

mediation, conciliation. Also in using this system it can recognize the person involve in this study. To the Barangay – It will help for them to lessen the time for the transaction of encoding.

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Use Case-Barangay Clearance (1) barangay. The proponents proposed a computerized barangay information system that will help the barangay as well as the workers and the people of the place.

Same through with the storing of the files. searching and storing of records of all resident in the agronumericus.comay Secretary 3/5(2).

Barangay information system proposal Essay Sample

Computerized Barangay Clearance Application System. Background of the study Barangay is the small administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village or district. Barangay are further subdivided into smaller areas called Puroks (English: Zone). A barangay is led and governed by its barangay officials.

It is composed of a Punong Barangay or Barangay Captain. This study aimed at developing a computerized system for a barangay that still practices a traditional way of creating a Barangay Clearance and management of database.

We will do this by incorporating the technology of using camera and stylus pen for creating a Barangay Clearance.

This is a system that will display the master list, profiles, populations, information’s about the Barangay, constituents and the certificate that is being required of the constituents this system has SMS support to broadcast information such as Barangay Assembly, Calamities, Search and Rescue ect.

Computerized barangay information system case study
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