Test taking strategies

Basic science examinations are generated by the faculty that teach in each course. The same holds true for the word never. Listen carefully to the final instructions of the teacher. Since teachers often slightly modify information on tests to determine if students have good understanding of concepts, spend time on honing test-taking skills.

Make an educated guess. Did I read the problem correctly? Make sure to note the point value of each question. On some standardized tests incorrect answers are penalized.

Test-Taking Strategies for Three Subject Areas

Rephrase the question into the central idea for your essay answer. Listen attentively to last minute instructions given by the instructor. It is best to stick Test taking strategies the answer you first chose after reading the question. Even when you believe you know the right answer, first eliminating those answers you know are incorrect will ensure your answer choice is the correct choice.

Listen attentively to last minute instructions given by the instructor. Not only does this strategy save time, it greatly increases your likelihood of selecting the correct answer. When you take time to analyze a problem you can often see ways to take computational shortcuts. Return to Top of Page This strategy helps students reduce a lengthy passage into a comprehensible and manageable size by marking the text using a systematic technique.

It is usually counterproductive to constantly second guess yourself and change your answer. Analyze before you compute.

Study and test-taking strategies for kids with learning difficulties

If there is time, quickly look through the test for an overview. Teach students how to underline effectively so that they may be able to increase their comprehension. Suggest identifying the obvious wrong answer choices first to lead them to zero in on the correct answer through the process of elimination.

Test Taking Techniques for Nursing Students

Return to Top of Page Tips for Test Taking All of the tips for test taking documents represented by the screenshots above are available in one PDF package, which I am offering completely free of charge.

Your ability to understand and respond to these key words is a basic skill necessary to handling the essay question. Students often think they know what a question is asking before reading it and jump straight to the most logical answer.

Have students sit quietly with their eyes closed or heads down on their desks for two minutes.

Checklist: Test-Taking Strategies for Middle and High School Students

Return to Top of Page Develop long-range plans to organize instruction.The Day of The Exam. Get to class a few minutes early so that you can settle in and not feel rushed.

Before you start the exam, look at the entire test.

Test Taking Tips

Overview. Effective study, and test taking strategies contribute to greater productivity, higher grades and less stress. This seminar presents a systematic, research-based approach for test preparation and test taking.

The same is true for learning skills like test taking and prep. The resources below will help you do just that: Learning Levels: Test Taking/Prep Self ID This is a self-assessment for you to gain more understanding about where you're at in terms of test taking and prep.

Multiple-choice, standardized, quiz or exam? Other than study hard, how can you do best on a test? Pass these test-taking strategies to your students to maximize their ability to perform well on standardized tests.

Test Taking Strategies. Before delving into test taking strategies outlined below, we recommend reading and familiarizing yourself with proven test preparation tips and strategies for improving test performance, if you haven't already. Once you have a solid command of the subject matter and material that will be presented on your test, it's time to put in play some basic test taking.

Test taking strategies
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